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Let’s talk about Prohibition 37, a one-stop destination for cannabis enthusiasts from all walks of life. This Albuquerque-based pot shop is more than just a recreational cannabis dispensary. It provides a remarkable fusion of food, fun, and cannabis, all under one roof. But the special attraction of the place that grabs the attention of the cannabis community far and wide, is the exceptionally unique Urban 360 Pizza, Grill, and Tap House.

Purchase Weed After a Meal at Urban 360 Pizza, Grill, and Tap House

The Urban 360 Pizza, Grill, and Tap House, a staple of Prohibition 37, serves the best culinary delights as per the cannabis community. The eatery is beautifully designed to provide a laid-back ambiance, the right touch of sophistication, and a unique urban aesthetic. Now picture this- the perfect pizza, a variety of mouth-watering grills, your favorite beverage on tap, and most importantly, the best cannabis to accompany your meal. It truly does not get better than this!

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Albuquerque, NM

While Prohibition 37 does make people’s dreams come true with their pizza and barbecue, they also play a critical role in making medical marijuana accessible to those in need in Albuquerque. Being a medical marijuana dispensary, the experienced budtenders who work here will guide you through your journey, suggesting strains that help alleviate different ailments. This place has mastered the art of personalizing the cannabis experience for every individual.

Recreational Cannabis Dispensary in Albuquerque

This cannabis dispensary in Albuquerque, NM, takes pride in the assortment of cannabis they offer. They are focused on quality and variety, leaving no room for disappointment for any cannabis user. What makes Prohibition 37 stand out is the mix of food and cannabis experience they provide.

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Prohibition 37 is undeniably a pot shop unlike any other. The primary goal here is to provide the community with marijuana that can be used medicinally, and at the same time establish an environment where the recreational cannabis community can come together to relax and unwind while engaging in deep conversations over the best pizza in town! Thumbs up for quality, variety, taste, and ambiance – Prohibition 37 has it all covered.

Whether you’re a casual user looking for the right strain for a weekend wind-down, a connoisseur aiming to expand your horizons or a medical user seeking natural relief, Prohibition 37 promises to cater to all your needs in a welcoming, vibrant, and safe environment.

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