Week Of July 15 Deals
Valid At Las Cruces
Medical Monday
Medical Monday

Medical patients receive 15% off all orders

Tasty Tuesday
Tasty Tuesday

All edibles 15% off

Wax Wednesday
Wax Wednesday

All concentrates 15% off

Golden Thursday
Golden Thursday

10% off all orders for loyalty members

Flower Friday
Flower Friday

20% off select flower eighths

Hazy Saturday
Hazy Saturday

15% off all cartridges and disposables

Senior Sunday (60+)
Senior Sunday (60+)

20% off all orders for seniors

Discover Unbeatable Dispensary Deals at Prohibition 37

Prohibition 37 is your premier destination for all your cannabis needs, offering unparalleled dispensary deals across New Mexico. Located in top-notch locations like Sunland Park, Albuquerque, and Santa Fe, we ensure a convenient and enjoyable cannabis experience. Priding ourselves as a stellar marijuana dispensary, we offer a comprehensive curation of premium cannabis in various formats. Be it recreational or medicinal, our cannabis inventory meets every user’s unique needs with an inclusive blend of strains, potencies, and formats.

Unsurpassed Quality Meets Outstanding Pricing

At Prohibition 37, quality doesn’t impose hefty price tags. We firmly believe in maximum value for your expenditure, delivering dispensary promotions, discounts, and coupons unrivaled by any other cannabis dispensary. Whether you are in the bustling city of Albuquerque or the serene landscapes of Gallup, our dispensary deals extend to every corner of New Mexico, guaranteeing budget-friendly access to top-quality cannabis.

Our customer-focused approach goes beyond affordability, extending to an exceptional shopping experience at any of our retail points in Santa Fe, Las Cruces, or Sunland Park. As you search for a ‘Dispensary Near Me’, Prohibition 37 is at your service no matter where you are, bringing you one step closer to affordable, quality cannabis.

Recreational Cannabis Dispensary Deals

Being a licensed recreational cannabis dispensary, our unbeatable deals are not limited to medicinal strains. Cannabis enthusiasts can expect a rainbow of strains, edibles, concentrates, and more options at pocket-friendly prices. With Prohibition 37, the excitement of scoring a good dispensary deal is matched by experiencing exquisite recreational cannabis.

We understand the intricacies of the diverse cannabis customer base in cities like Gallup and Las Cruces. Therefore, our weed dispensary offerings are thoughtfully curated, allowing both seasoned stoners and curious beginners to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without breaking the bank.

Constantly Evolving Deals and Promotions at Our Dispensaries

One of the key aspects that set Prohibition 37 apart as a leading cannabis dispensary in New Mexico is our constant evolution. We persistently refresh our deals to match the changing tastes and preferences of the diverse cannabis community. You can access this exciting rotation of dispensary deals regardless of whether you are in Albuquerque, Santa Fe or even in smaller communities like Gallup.

Shop Our Dispensary for Promotions

Prohibition 37 ensures that you never have to compromise quality for affordability or convenience. Our commitment to cater to the wider New Mexico footprint allows us to serve communities far and wide, from the energetic city life of Albuquerque to the charm of Sunland Park. As your trusted marijuana dispensary, we make it possible for top-quality, affordable cannabis to be within your reach, regardless of the corner of New Mexico that you call home. You need only type ‘Dispensary Near Me’ and we will be there offering the best in the game of quality cannabis, unmatchable prices, and an unrivaled cannabis experience.

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