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Dedicated to unlocking the full magnitude of the cannabis flower through innovation, quality cultivation and education.

About Us

We’re Ready to Connect with You

With all eight Grand Legacy Group partners having endured humble beginnings and navigating through life with facing the disadvantages that most black Americans face, we are as equally passionate about social justice, equality and community empowerment. Grand Legacy Group is striving to create meaningful connections with people; particularly aiming to connect and serve as motivation and inspiration for underserved communities. As entrepreneurs, we want to represent how there can be success in black business ownership and promote positive changes, economic growth, comradery and support for a variety of social causes within the community.

Giving Back is Who We Are

Both individually and collectively, we at Grand Legacy Group genuinely understand the importance of philanthropy. Though it is our business mission to create a positively unique recreational and medical-based cannabis experience in effort to break the negative stigma associated with marijuana, it is our social mission to be highly engaged in the community through philanthropic efforts including but not limited to, monetary donations, volunteering time and support for a variety of social causes including education, health, public safety, science and human rights.

Let’s Grow Our Community Together

Grand Legacy Group will also diligently work to bring jobs to the community to help promote economic growth and community enrichment. Sometimes all people need is an opportunity. In certain neighborhoods and communities, great opportunities may be far and few in between so we also strive to provide those job opportunities to people of different backgrounds, ethnicities, beliefs, and orientation. As an organization that embraces diversity and inclusion, this level of engaging gives everyone involved the chance to learn from one another and take the best parts from everyone for the betterment of the entire organization.

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