Along with providing a wide and wonderful assortment of premium cannabis, Prohibition 37 strives to elevate the experience. Essential gear can make the difference between a frustrating struggle and a pleasing process. You’ll find everything you need to facilitate your chosen consumption method on our shelves. Shop accessories at any of our dispensary locations or add items to your virtual cart and order online.

We’ll Make Sure You Have What You Need

Lighters, batteries, storage containers, rolling papers, E-rigs, vaporizers, grinders, bongs, pipes, glass chillums, and trays are readily available at our multiple dispensary locations and by way of our website. Let us make sure of the quality of brands and products to support your medicinal requirements or recreational enjoyment. We’re open seven days per week.

Cannabis Accessories from Prohibition 37

Not sure of the ideal accessories for your exact needs and desired experience? Consult with our physician-led, intensively trained staff. Ask questions, take advantage of first-hand insight, and benefit from personalized recommendations. At Prohibition 37, we prioritize education and assist in informed decision-making. Whether you’re a beginner or a proficient aficionado, we offer an exciting array of cannabis-related gear.

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